Quran Olympic Innovation (QOI)

BEM FMIPA Unesa mengadakan kegiatan Quran Olympic Innovation (QOI) pada Sabtu 5 Desember 2020. Quran Olympic Innovation (QOI) merupakan kegiatan lomba MTQ mahasiswa untuk memilih perwakilan fakultas untuk mewakili fakultas dalam seleksi universitas.Kegiatan ini diikuti oleh delegasi dari lima jurusan yaitu jurusan matematika, fisika, biologi, kimia dan ipa. Kegiatan Quran Olympic Innovation (QOI) dimulai pukul… Continue reading Quran Olympic Innovation (QOI)

Experience Of Student Management Skills – Medium Level (LKMM-TM)

Student Management Skills Training – Intermediate Level (LKMM – TM) is a program or activity to provide organizational managerial knowledge and skills for students especially those who are actively organizing and equip students with insight and skills in coordinating and fostering work teams in an institution. LKMM-TM is also a continuation of the Basic Level… Continue reading Experience Of Student Management Skills – Medium Level (LKMM-TM)

UKT Study

UKT is a single tuition fee that is usually paid by students at the beginning of the semester for the continuation of their studies. Permendikbud No.55 of 2013 article 1 paragraph 3 states “Single tuition is the overall operational costs per student per semester in the study program at state universities”. Initially the UKT problem… Continue reading UKT Study

Board of Management

BPH Biro : General Bureau, Media, Information and Communication Bureau , and Inspectorate Bureau Departments: Departmen of Religion; Department of Research, Technology, and Education; Department of Student Resource Development; Department of Arts and Sports; Departement of Economy and Entrepreneurship; Department of Social and Environmental Affairs; Department of Advocacy and Strategic Studies

BEM logo Philosophy

The symbol of BEM FMIPA Unesa is a circle in which there is a Unesa logo in gold with a blue base color and a logotype of the UNIVERSITAS NEGERI SURABAYA and BEM FMIPA in black with a white base. Unesa’s gold logo is a symbol of achievement, success, and prosperity of citizens in the… Continue reading BEM logo Philosophy

The Philosophy of The Cabinet Logo

Fire : symbolizes courage and enthusiasm in fighting for the vision and mission of Bem FMIPA by smolder Pen : symbolizes the nature of creation, innovative, creative, and work that is full of dedication The face of an owl : symbolizes broad knowledge and wisdom in making decisions Color gradation : symbolizes self-confidence, creative and… Continue reading The Philosophy of The Cabinet Logo

BEM FMIPA’s Vision and Mission

Vision: SYNERGY, ENERGY, PROGRESSIVE, CONTRIBUTIVE Mission: 1. Building good bilateral relations with all elements in Fmipa Unesa and other institutions to create harmonious relations 2. Creating BEM FMIPA Unesa with commitment and integrity 3. Making BEM FMIPA Unesa as an aspirational media 4. Having an active role in developing various academic and non-academic potentials


BEM FMIPA is a mutual forum that accommodates and coordinates all student activities, especially within the scope of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences , Surabaya State University or can be abbreviated as FMIPA Unesa, which aims to unite students of FMIPA Unesa and also as a forum for fostering students of FMIPA Unesa… Continue reading Aboute BEM FMIPA

Earth Day

In commemoration of Earth Day and the existence of a pandemic covid-19 which is endemic in various countries, including Indonesia. The BEM Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences held a Scientific Discussion on Earth Day. The activity is carried out online through whatsapp group, (22/04).This activity aims to provide knowledge as well as insight into… Continue reading Earth Day

MIPA Merchandise!

The Department of Entrepreneurship of BEM FIMPA UNESA made the MIPA Merch or MIPA Merchandise project, which is the project of selling accessories related to MIPA, MIPA jackets, and MABA kits. This project aims to create superior products of BEM FMIPA, forintroduce indirectly about MIPA to the general public, to increase the pride of MIPA… Continue reading MIPA Merchandise!