Upgrading BEM 2020

Upgrading is an activity for knowledge, increasing ability and quality in teamwork for the new board of the FMIPA Student Executive Board 2020 period. Upgrading has the purpose of upgrading participants to understand their respective functions in the new BEM FMIPA management period 2020, and through this activity is useful to build a management spirit that matches the theme of “Cheerful Enthusiasm Without Limits”

Upgrading has an arrangement of events at this activity starting with the gathering of FMIPA BEM management at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and departing together to the location.

In this activity brought some BEM administrators for the 2019 period with the aim of sharing and educating the previous BEM management so that they would add and motivate new members in dealing with the BEM management wheel for the 2020 period. In addition, some material was also delivered by the BEM Daily Management Board for the 2020 period and related members .

Moment of upgrading at the beginning of the period is the right time to jointly affirm the steps and hardening of the vision and mission and objectives of the BEM FMIPA 2020 period, the material includes delivery of organizational management, leadership, communication, decision making, and motivation by the Chairperson of BEM FMIPA period 2020. Subsequently the delivery of material on administration by the Head of the General Bureau of BEM FMIPA and the General Secretary of BEM FMIPA for the period 2020.

The last event is sports and outbound guided by Event Sie from upgrading. Outbound is useful to increase a sense of cooperation, leadership, trust, and brotherhood among the management. Furthermore, the event was closed with a group photo of all BIP FMIPA administrators for the 2020 period. As well as the closing of upgrading by the Chairperson. Hopefully, hopefully this upgrading can provide experience and good provisions for BIP FMIPA administrators for the 2020 period.

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