Experience Of Student Management Skills – Medium Level (LKMM-TM)

Student Management Skills Training – Intermediate Level (LKMM – TM) is a program or activity to provide organizational managerial knowledge and skills for students especially those who are actively organizing and equip students with insight and skills in coordinating and fostering work teams in an institution.

LKMM-TM is also a continuation of the Basic Level LKMM, which has been followed previously. In accordance with the level and nature, LKMM TM consists of 2 (two) modules, namely the Insight Development Module which contains 4 (four) Lectures and the Attitude and Skills Development Module which contains 5 (five) Sub Modules / Activities. The material development is expected to remain on the focus of improving students’ abilities in “Organizational Management”, and the amount of material development hours is not excessive.

LKMM – TM, the event was addressed to the Students of the Ormawa Board of Management of Unesa FMIPA and the Students of the Ormawa Board of non FMIPA Unesa. The theme of this activity is “Preparing the golden generation with students who are creative, solutive, and innovative in the face of the 4.0 era”

The purpose of this LKMM-TM activity is expected that students have basic knowledge about organizational management so that eventually they can become equipped to face challenges and obstacles in serving in an organization. With specific objectives as follows: (1) Practicing students’ soft skills in organizational science, (2) Equipping students with an understanding of the importance of the organization in activities of daily living, (3) Increasing a sense of togetherness and caring for the surrounding environment, (4 ) As a form of student activity to relieve fatigue after undergoing daily routines.

This activity is carried out in a formal form which consists of material exposure activities and online discussions so that it is expected that the implementation of this activity will be able to provide provisions for students who serve in student organizations.

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