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THR ASN Tunggu Peraturan Menteri Keuangan

UKT is a single tuition fee that is usually paid by students at the beginning of the semester for the continuation of their studies. Permendikbud No.55 of 2013 article 1 paragraph 3 states “Single tuition is the overall operational costs per student per semester in the study program at state universities”. Initially the UKT problem was not too large among FMIPA students. However, due to the corona pandemic, many problems began with this UKT. The rise of the corona outbreak is very influential on current social and economic conditions. For social conditions, it can be seen that many people hoard hand sanitizers and masks for their own interests. Whereas in other countries there is widespread looting everywhere. This is because the economy is declining. Many workers who were laid off / home.

This aims to minimize the presence of corona virus transmission and is one of the reasons used for social distancing. In addition to the many workers who were laid off, many community businesses, both small and medium-sized communities, began to be devoid of visitors / buyers. Not to mention the other workers whose salaries were deducted because they were considered to be working less than normal, and some civil servants whose allowances and THR were cut to 50% to be allocated to the handling of Covid-19. From the various reasons above it can be concluded that many of our society’s income has declined.

For this even semester, many students do not experience campus facilities. So the campus operational costs are definitely reduced. Many of the students felt dissatisfied because they could not feel the campus facilities even though they had already paid UKT. This then made our campus take steps to provide quota assistance to each student to support ongoing online learning. The campus provides quota assistance for each student of 10 GB whose plans will be sent every month during this pandemic. Some of the students have received this quota assistance. However, not a few students who have not received a quota to support online learning.

Many students are not satisfied with this. Starting from there are still many students who do not get the quota, and the quota that is still far from enough because it is only 10 GB. Whereas when we went to college we spent a lot of quota because we were required to attend lectures using vinesa, google meet, zoom, teamlink, and other similar applications. The application does not take little data. Lots. Even if you could say, spend a lot of data. Next semester is in sight. Will UKT payments have to be as full as ever? Wouldn’t it be wise to think more carefully because of this pandemic disaster? Many parents whose income is declining, not to mention losing their jobs. This semester the educational services provided by the campus decreased significantly.

Hopefully the campus policy will not continue to undermine amid the current pandemic and economic crisis. Student Life! Long live the Indonesian people! Long live the struggle!

Greetings of Love, Greetings Fighting

Because with love, we struggle

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