Earth Day

In commemoration of Earth Day and the existence of a pandemic covid-19 which is endemic in various countries, including Indonesia. The BEM Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences held a Scientific Discussion on Earth Day. The activity is carried out online through whatsapp group, (22/04).This activity aims to provide knowledge as well as insight into Covid 19, which is currently very worrying.Apart from FMIPA the participants were also followed by Lecturers and various faculties among them Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Science and Law, Faculty of Arts and Languages, and also from other Higher Education Institutions such as Gorontalo State University, Lampung State Polytechnic, Poltekkes Kemenkes Surabaya and so on.

The theme that was carried was “Perspective Pandemic Covid-19 in terms of the Environment”. The purpose of this activity is to increase knowledge about news that has spread, and also to be able to distinguish between genuine news and hoax news.

P.there is a session pdiscussion onstart with the first welcome be deliveredby the chief executive, Anissa Fauziah Zain. “Hopefully with the implementation of online discussion today, we hope we will become increasingly aware of how important it is to protect and care for our beloved earth,” Anissa said.After that the second speech by Aryoghi Cahyo Nugroho as chairman of the BEM Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. And the last remarks delivered by the Lecturer of Student Affairs III FMIPA namely Dr. Shifak Indana, M.Pd. “The earth is currently in a big existential threat called an ecological crisis, this is what causes ecological disasters. Not only ecologically it turns out, this 19 covid plague also hit various corners of the world, well on this earth day I hope to my children FMIPA let us all CLBK (Love Our Earth Again), “saidVice Dean of FMIPA.

This discussion was filled bytwo presenters in this discussion. The first speaker was delivered by Erlix Rakhmad Purnama, S.Sc., M.Sc. smy elbowlecturer majoring in Biology FMIPA UNESA. In his presentation Erlix believes covid 19 virus is a dangerous virus where this virus can attack the respiratory system in our body.Spread out covid 19 virus until now is increasingly increasing and therefore we need to maintain nutritional intake in our body. The clinical symptoms of covid 19 patients are fever, about 64 – 98%; cough around 43-82%; fatigue around 21 – 70%; shortness of breath around 2 – 59%; dizziness around 6 – 34%; diarrhea around 2-17%; and colds around 2%.

“People who are infected with the Covid 19 virus will feel excluded by the community, even though this is not an illness that should be excluded. but must be given supporting. When he is supported, he has good motivation to recover, his immune system will increase. when the immune system rises, the healing process will continue to improve, “said Erlix.

While for the second speaker, Adi Candra, S.Sc., M.Sc. selakubEnvironmental Motivator and Surabaya Environmental Education Counselor, explained about the negative impacts causedby covid virus 19. One of the impact is thousands died and everyone is ordered to do social distanceand many companies are closed because of the lock down system.

“When there was a covid outbreak 19, on one side of the community that is the people of Indonesia were very threatened, but God always gives an implied meaning behind all events. This environment can improve itself with better conditions when factors” that influence or inhibit, such as pollutant factors and the pollutants are suppressed and stopped like the current conditions, “said Candra.

Enthusiastic was seen from the activity of the participants in the whatsapp group. This was proven by the large number of participants who wanted to ask questions

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