MIPA Merchandise!

The Department of Entrepreneurship of BEM FIMPA UNESA made the MIPA Merch or MIPA Merchandise project, which is the project of selling accessories related to MIPA, MIPA jackets, and MABA kits. This project aims to create superior products of BEM FMIPA, forintroduce indirectly about MIPA to the general public, to increase the pride of MIPA students towards FMIPA UNESA, to help meet the needs of new students and expediting the cash flow of BEM FMIPA UNESA. The target of this project is the general public especially MIPA but except forMIPA jacket sales are limited to the UNESA MIPA Academic Community. Execution time MIPA Merch up to one period. Merchandise sold, among othersjacket, shirt, totebag, lanyard, key chains, stickers, mugs, wristbands, tumblr bottles. MABA kits that are sold include white shirts, black cloth pants, black A skirts, white headscarves, red headscarves, black cap, white socks, black gasper, black fantofel.

The form of the MIPA Merch project is to provide accessories, jackets and MABA kits that run using the system ready stock and open a PO (Pre-Order). The technical project is Yautumaking accessory designs, producing accessories to vendors / convection, entrepreneurship department of post-production sales through social media, open POs by paying downpayments, and then submitting finished products and paying off the rest of the payment. Indicators of success of this project are the implementation of production and sales of MIPA Merch and the sale of at least 50 items for 1 period. The output of this project isprovide sales profits for BIP FMIPA funds that will be used to carry out work programs.

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