Introduction Of New Student Life Campus (PKKMB)

In order to prepare new students to go through the transition process to become mature and independent students, as well as accelerate the process of students’ adaptation to the new environment and provide provisions for their success in college education, the introduction of New Student Campus Life (PKKMB) is carried out. This period can be used as a starting point for fostering idealism, strengthening the love of the motherland, and caring for the environment, also in order to create a generation of religious, nationalist, independent, mutual cooperation, and integrity. PKKMB activities are expected to become a vehicle for planting 5 (five) national mental revolution movement programs namely Indonesia serving, clean Indonesia, orderly Indonesia, independent Indonesia, and united Indonesia.

PKKMB must be planned carefully so that it can be a momentum for new students to get the right information about the education system in higher education both in the academic and non-academic fields. PKKMB is also expected to be an awareness of the things that can hinder the study of new students including being able to inhibit the achievement of national goals such as the problem of radicalism, terrorism, drug abuse, sexual violence, plagiarism, corruption, and others. Efforts to increase the sense of unity and unity and love of the motherland are manifested in the form of PKKMB activities. In addition, PKKMB is a place for awareness of the importance of understanding about globalization and the industrial revolution 4.0 which requires students to be people who appreciate and have data literacy, technology literacy,

PPKMB activities are activities carried out by tertiary institutions which are the responsibility of higher education leaders. It is not justified if a university submits its activities fully to senior students, without an adequate guidance and assistance process. Likewise, universities are not allowed to develop campus introduction models in accordance with their respective interpretations so that there are deviations such as hazing by seniors, physical violence, and / or psychological which can end with the loss of life which of course can cause anxiety, worry, and fear for new students, parents and society in general. Then it needs to be reiterated that the party responsible for organizing PKKMB is the leader of the college,

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