Department of Advocacy and Strategic Studies BEM FMIPA Unesa 2020 Advocacy Division

Pengertian ADVOKASI adalah: Arti, Tujuan, dan Kategori Advokasi

The Advocacy Division is one of the divisions in the Department of Advocature of BEM FMIPA Unesa which has the main task of carrying out the advocacy function related to information services needed by FMIPA students for the common welfare. The advocacy division provides assistance and facilitates FMIPA students in obtaining information about academics, campus infrastructure, scholarships, and other information related to problems faced by FMIPA students.

In its service, the Advocacy Division of the BEM FMIPA Unesa Advocacy Department prepared several programs in an effort to facilitate FMIPA students in obtaining information. The program:

  1. Advo News is a scholarship information provision for students especially students in the scope of MIPA through Instagram media. The target of the Advo News agenda is the distribution of information related to scholarships for Mathematics and Natural Sciences students and the implementation of the advocacy function.

Examples of scholarship information that has been published in Instagram media are CIMB Scholarships ASEAN ( , Mindo Campus Scholarship (, Baznas Indonesia Scholar Scholarship (

  • The UKT Aspiration Net: Is an agenda for UKT selection conducted conditionally because of the conditions, such as the existence of Covid-19. The UKT aspiration net is intended to follow up on the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak which has disrupted the teaching and learning process on campus and has an impact on the family economy which will later be communicated with the bureaucrats.

The results of the dean’s joint hearing held on Saturday, May 9, 2020 from 13.00-16.00 regarding the UKT aspiration net are as follows:

Discussion II: Student UKT Issues Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

  1. The faculty cannot determine the reduction in UKT. FMIPA can only propose to the rector, but the decision remains with the rector. Therefore, it is expected that the faculty can always ask and seek WR 2 in this regard.
  2. Unesa quota subsidies are carried out in accordance with the direction of the university which will be given as much as 3 months. The quota subsidy money was sourced from the Faculty RBA deduction sourced from the transfer of practicum funds. The faculty and students are expected to be able to oversee the quota distribution evenly and in accordance with what was promised.
  3. It is planned that the UKT payment deferment system will be used for lectures on odd semester 2020. Students can submit payment delays in accordance with the procedures that will be issued.

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