Friday Clean, FMIPA Campus Conservation

Clean Friday is one of the activities agenda of the Department of Social and Environmental Affairs of BEM FMIPA UNESA. This agenda is an activity of cleaning up and working together for FMIPA residents. The clean Friday agenda is held every 2 weeks, on Fridays around the MIPA faculty area. This clean Friday activity not only involved members of the FMIPA BEM but all members of the community and FMIPA students.

The clean Friday activity was directly escorted by Ms. Shifak Indana as Deputy Dean III for Student Affairs and Alumni. The purpose of this activity is to maintain environmental hygiene and health, so as to create an environmentally friendly campus area that can foster environmental care for each individual citizen of FMIPA, and can be a pioneer in terms of sensitivity to environmental issues. In addition, the existence of this clean Friday agenda can be forged ties between fellow citizens of FMIPA.

Clean Friday is also a form of support from BEM FMIPA to maintain the accreditation of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences as a conservation campus. BEM FMIPA also hopes that by holding this clean Friday agenda, the entire MIPA community will be able to work together to build MIPA to remain a comfortable, safe and environmentally friendly faculty.

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